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The Treatment

My intention in any treatment is to provide my clients what a safe and nurturing space of rest and relaxation, whilst you mind, body and spirit heal, the Usui Reiki technique. There will often be discussion of things that come up, when appropriate, and there will always be time made for the end of a treatment to discuss what you felt and anything else I may have picked up on.

The Reiki practitioner is a vehicle for Reiki which flows to the needs of the recipient. 

Reiki does not come from the practitioners 'personal energy' or will, it works on a cellular level bypassing the efforts of the mind. Allowing for a deepening of heart - mind connection, restoration and rest of neural circuits. 

A treatment is held purely for the client and I it is a real privalege to provide reiki to person or animal for that matter, as animals/pets benefit a lot from Reiki and often seek it.  

In Person   

(this option will be suspended until further notice due to COVID19 restrictions, please see Distance Healing)

The treatments I provide are intuitively guided, however in a typical treatment we will first begin by talking through what you want to address or get out of your treatment, Following this, you will relax on the massage bed, and with the intentions set for the session, I will perform a Chakra (Energy Centre) "Check." Any Chakra's that aren't spinning as well as they should will be addressed and reset.

The treatment with Reiki then commences, sometimes, depending on what is being called for, I will use Crystals to further amplify the session, giving you a kind of "Super Boost." 

I will end the treatment with a small guided meditation while you remain lying down, more crystals are often placed around you at this point, depending on what I am guided to do or depending on what spirit asks for, for you. .

Distance Healing

With our current global situation I am now offering distance healing treatments at lower prices. I had always thought I might include this, however with more people self isolating, social distancing and working from home it feels like this offering is needed now more than ever. 

I have included a temporary offer of 45 minutes at $40 and 1 hour at $50. This is offered for NZ and Aus clients and I am happy to discuss logistics if you are interested and live outside of these time zones. These appointments will be through Zoom.

We will first talk about what has come up for you, what you are wanting to process, your intention. Once you are comfy, lying down in your sacred space, ready to receive the treatment, I will perform a Chakra (energy centre) "Check" and then proceed with Reiki. There will often be time to verbally explore what arises for you while seated after also. Reiki is held sacred for the duration of the treatment, continuing with you on your personal and collective journey. 

You may begin feeling the effects of Reiki 5 - 10 minutes before the call as the distance Reiki is being facilitated. As these treatments will be received in your home, think about the sacred space you would like to set up for the duration of the treatment which is comfortable to you. This could be anything from a candle, flower or crystal etc to a kid free space for an hour and a place to rest.

The benefits of Reiki after a treatment last for about 2 weeks.

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