What is a Past Life Regression

The term Past Life Regression refers to a distinct type of hypnosis and meditation method and is a procedure for remembering past lifetimes. Clients are taken into a state of deep relaxation using guided imagery to guide them into memories of other lifetimes. Numerous people find answers to many problems with knowledge of their past lives. Past Life Regression is an efficacious method to discover the reasons for current fears, recurring dreams and personality dispositions – understanding them, healing through knowledge of past lives and releasing what no longer serves you forever.

During the whole process the client is in control, hypnosis is purely a deep state of relaxation.

Past Life Regression is incredibly healing as it addresses both energies that we carry from past lives that no longer serve us that will be cleared and can also bring forth gifts that you may have had in past lives into the present.

Hypnosis is an ancient practice 1000s of years old. There are records of its use in ancient Egypt and Greece where the use of "sleep" temples were a safe space for hypnosis to be practiced.

It is now seen to be so beneficial that the NHS in England has incorporated it into their medical services.

Please allow 2 hours for a regression session.